Process / WIP: Designing an illustrated calendar

Portrait, landscape, or something else? That is the question!

Looking for fresh colour combinations? Try the ‘blind colour palette’ technique!

What I like about this technique is that it combines randomness and your taste.
This is how it goes!

Artwork reveal and painting process: ‘Coquelicot II – The Huntress’

After ‘The Wolf’, here is the second ink painting in my ‘Coquelicot’ series, with some steps of the creation process.

‘Wild Magic’: Illustration prompts and calendar project

I’ve created this prompt list for myself, with the goal to make a 2024 calender. Feel free to use them too, and share what you create with me by email or on Instagram :)

Artwork reveal and painting process: ‘Coquelicot I – The Wolf’

Have you been waiting eagerly to set your eyes on the ink paintings I’ve teased a few weeks ago? Here is the first one! The second will soon follow :) For now, enjoy some steps of the creation process of ‘The Wolf’!

Painting a pheasant with gouache #doodleaday

How will it turn out? Read on to find out!

Drawing makeover! The little prince and the fox

I did the initial drawing (digitally, although it looks like colour pencil ;)) while working on my illustrated adaptation of ‘The Little Prince’. In order to advertise the upcoming book at French convention Japan Expo, I handed out this flyer at my stand (the image displays front and back side by side): I was very […]

New portfolio piece: Girls in a tree

This piece expands on another girl in a tree I painted beginning of last June for #kidlitartpostcard, a hashtag / initiative started by author and illustrator Gina Perry. In the USA it is/was usual for illustrators to regularly send postcards to publishers to advertise their work – this is the digital, online version :) I […]

Power in Numbers 8 sneak peek :)

I’m quite happy that I could submit 2 pieces :) Yes, I planned on 3, but I would have been content with one ;) And working on the first one, it looked like there would be no time for more. But I managed the second one within one day, from searching for inspiration to planning […]

Red poppies + wolves sketches (Power in Numbers 8 WIP)

I’m planning on taking part in Gallery Nucleus’ classic open submission show, ‘Power in Numbers’, again this year (my piece from 2021 is still available, by the way ;)). As I’ve been thinking about (and thumbnailing a bit) remotely folk-tale-inspired pieces with animals (and humans, probably women) for a 2024 calendar, I thought I could […]