Privacy Policy

This website is brought to you by:

Reine Kurth, freelance illustrator (freiberufliche Illustratorin)
Nößlerstr. 1
28359 Bremen

I am personally quite sensitive to the availibility and use of my personal data, and the preservation of my personal rights and privacy. So I do my best to preserve the privacy of the visitors of my website – you ;) For example I am pretty happy to have switched (in December 2019) to a theme that does not embed Google fonts :)

Log data / IP addresses

I host the site myself on a virtual private server at, using nginx as HTTP server. The HTTP server logs traffic information, including IP address of visitors. The latter can under some conditions be traced back to a specific device.

I may analyse the log data for technical purposes, i.e. in case of problems with the website (response time, down time, …).

For now I never had a reason to share log data with third parties. I can think of 2 reasons that may arise:

  • I need the help of someone more versed than me in web server technology
  • I suspect illegal activities that I want to report to the authorities.

In these cases I would anonymise log data by replacing the IP addresses with e.g. “IP-1”, “IP-2” etc. In case illegal activities are confirmed the competent autorities may request the actual data. This will be handled according to applicable law.

I do not and will not share log data for any other purposes.


This website currently does not use any visitors’ cookies.

As the website is based on WordPress, administration / login cookies are used, but only for myself ;)


In addition to the WordPress core, I use the following plugins. To my knowledge they do not retrieve or transmit any website’s visitors’ data:

Third-party content incl. ads

This website does not serve any third-party content, especially (but not limited to):

  • No analytics
  • No social media buttons
  • No ads (such as Google Adsense)
  • No images, video, fonts (nor similar content) from third-party websites (Instagram, YouTube, Google etc.).