Welcome 🙂 My name is Reine Kurth, I’m from Lorraine, France, and live and work in Bremen, Germany.

I love a good story, be it a novel or short story, from science fiction to “slice of life” to mystery, or a compelling article on science, society, culture, art, environment, economy… And I love it when illustrations grab me into the story, complement the textual with visual insights, and, in combination with the text, spark my thoughts and imagination.

I’d love to create such illustrations for your story! So get in touch, and let’s talk business – and inspire each other 🙂

hello@reinekurth.com | +49 15257030342

This is some work I’ve done up to now:

Illustrated adaptation of Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince

Illustration for chapter 7 of The Little Prince

Illustration for chapter 5 of The Little Prince

Breakfast on Asteroid B612

Watching the stars with a friend

Four Seasons with Japanese animals

Winter Encounter

Summer Leap

Spring Bustle

Illustrations for Rockabilly Time fanzine

Simon, the Werewolf and Radio DJ

Claudette, the Mayor of Hillbilly Town

Rock Around the Clock

Domitille and friends – A colouring book

Domitille and Duck go swimming

César has a blast on powder

Marie-Marie makes a snowman

Oma, Red and Lupe – A post-apocalyptic road-story

Oma, Red and Lupe rest by a campfire

Inktober (2016)

A girl on a Dutch bike with a raccoon in a basket

A running girl with a bemused cat

A sleepy girl on a giant turtle

A fly agaric fairy


Impish Angel

Yoko's Chappy, a tribute to Roger Leloup's Yoko Tsuno

Greeting cards – Hand-printed with self-carved stamps

Greetings card with sunflowers and Big Ben

Anniversary card with sunflower wreath