‘Loukoum and the Quince Quest’ submitted to Unpublished Picture Book Showcase 2023

Just before going on holidays I finished putting together my submission to this year’s Unpublished Picture Book Showcase! Fortunately they had extended the deadline, initially on July 5th, to July 12th, otherwise I would not have managed 😅️. “Unfortunately” due to holidays preparations and departure I could not take full advantage of the additional week […]

Illustration workout: Project plan

Devising a plan for my project for Tom Froese’s ‘The Style Class’, “a short-term daily creative project, where you will create a series of 26 illustrations, based on a theme of your choice, working in a specific illustration technique”.
In fact, for this project, my focus is not so much on theme or technique as on the third parameter: the context.

Inspiration case study: Fumio Obata

Another inspiration from the world of comics, but I had to include him because of one specific point.

Inspiration case study: Mareikje Vogler

Studying my target market 🔎️

Inspiration case study: Claire Wendling

Back to the roots of my artistic inspiration – Part two :)

Sketchbook page: Cellophaned Siren

Inspired by a K-pop music video, this sketchbook painting also happens to come at the perfect time for the “Mermay” social media challenge :)

Inspiration case study: Linnea Sterte

Back to the roots of my artistic inspiration! Part one :)

Sketchbook page: Colourful trees

…and what I learned from a daily drawing prompt list, even though I only did 6 in a row and a few more that I liked 😊️

Payment Gateway from Hell

I cried a lot, then I ticked the boxes.

Testing new art supplies in my sketchbook: Happy, wintery little girl

I did not expect it to take that long, but at least I made something cute :)