Red poppies + wolves sketches (Power in Numbers 8 WIP)

I’m planning on taking part in Gallery Nucleus’ classic open submission show, ‘Power in Numbers’, again this year (my piece from 2021 is still available, by the way ;)).

As I’ve been thinking about (and thumbnailing a bit) remotely folk-tale-inspired pieces with animals (and humans, probably women) for a 2024 calendar, I thought I could as well go with that general idea for Power in Numbers.

So, a wolf, obviously 😁️.

For some reason I added some poppies… So I’m going for 3 pieces (the maximum you can submit this year), with differents takes on wolf / little red riding hood / field poppies, it seems (very original 😅️).

So far I’ve done observational sketches of poppies and wolves.

I’m less happy about the wolves, so at first I did not want to include them in the post. But I thought it was dishonest, so here you are ;) Indeed the point of these sketches is not to be aesthetic (though it can happen, as I think for the poppies it has :)), but to get familiar with the subject.

These sketches are not meant as pieces of art, but as steps in the illustration process!

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