Looking for fresh colour combinations? Try the ‘blind colour palette’ technique!

What I like about this technique is that it combines randomness and your taste.
This is how it goes!

Red poppies + wolves sketches (Power in Numbers 8 WIP)

I’m planning on taking part in Gallery Nucleus’ classic open submission show, ‘Power in Numbers’, again this year (my piece from 2021 is still available, by the way ;)). As I’ve been thinking about (and thumbnailing a bit) remotely folk-tale-inspired pieces with animals (and humans, probably women) for a 2024 calendar, I thought I could […]

Sketchbook page: Cellophaned Siren

Inspired by a K-pop music video, this sketchbook painting also happens to come at the perfect time for the “Mermay” social media challenge :)

Sketchbook page: Colourful trees

…and what I learned from a daily drawing prompt list, even though I only did 6 in a row and a few more that I liked 😊️

Testing new art supplies in my sketchbook: Happy, wintery little girl

I did not expect it to take that long, but at least I made something cute :)

On-location drawing: Focke Museum Bremen (2)

The resistance was even stronger than last time 😅️ So obviously I’m proud I went, though I’m not so happy with the result this time…

On-location drawing: Focke Museum Bremen

I’ve decided to have a weekly “Art Practice Day”, and blog about it. Maybe this can inspire your own practice. Maybe you’ll even want to join me, if you’re in or around Bremen. Or you’re just curious :) It starts here!