Sketchbook page: Colourful trees

…and what I learned from a daily drawing prompt list, even though I only did 6 in a row and a few more that I liked 😊️

A month or so ago I drew 4 frames on a sketchbook page with different colour pencils, with the vague idea of drawing a tree or trees through the seasons, maybe from the photos I regularly make of the trees behind our house.

But I did not draw the trees πŸ˜…

As I remember, due to “lack of time / energy”, a.k.a. in reality overthinking / overplanning (such as the prospect of looking for the right photos for reference – maybe I even started looking and did not get to drawing) 😌

Now over the last days I did these 4 small watercolour paintings, from memory / imagination, directly painting without a sketch! πŸ˜ƒ

I think that doing the #doodleadayapril prompts (even not every day :)) has got me more confident with that kind of stuff – smaller, not so thought out, a bit superficial :) I realised that even if you have only 20-30 minutes you can make something nice, enjoy the time making, and most of the time be pleased with what comes out 😊

Even if it’s a bit random, it’s worth it! 🧑

Especially, I noticed that I enjoy making “finished” drawings/paintings/sketches (even simple ones), as opposed to “concept” sketches (which are good too, and sometimes necessary, but have a different purpose). I’ll be making more of them!

The green tree does resemble one of the trees behind our house, or maybe more a mix of two of them 😁 The blue tree is inspired by a large oak tree also near our house. The orange trees are inspired by a group of – I think – willow trees near the Ortum river on our way to my parents-in-law. And the purple trees by a group of trees that I see on a regular bike tour on the Blockland area in Bremen; in that case the memory is a bit far away and not so precise though and they don’t look quite right, but the colours make up for it, right? 😁