Artwork reveal and painting process: ‘Coquelicot II – The Huntress’

After ‘The Wolf’, here is the second ink painting in my ‘Coquelicot’ series, with some steps of the creation process.

Artwork reveal and painting process: ‘Coquelicot I – The Wolf’

Have you been waiting eagerly to set your eyes on the ink paintings I’ve teased a few weeks ago? Here is the first one! The second will soon follow :) For now, enjoy some steps of the creation process of ‘The Wolf’!

Power in Numbers 8 sneak peek :)

I’m quite happy that I could submit 2 pieces :) Yes, I planned on 3, but I would have been content with one ;) And working on the first one, it looked like there would be no time for more. But I managed the second one within one day, from searching for inspiration to planning […]

Painting with Granulating Watercolours

One thing leading to another, this Art Practice Day unexpectedly yielded a study of wild flowers in a limited colour palette, which I really like!