‘Wild Magic’: Illustration prompts and calendar project

I’ve created this prompt list for myself, with the goal to make a 2024 calender. Feel free to use them too, and share what you create with me by email or on Instagram :)

My idea is that each illustration will feature an animal (as the prompts imply 😁️) and (probably) a human (because I like to draw people too :)). And probably plants / trees / nature. I would like the illustrations to have a kind of folk tale / witchy mood – hence the title :) In fact I chose the animals thinking about folk / fairy tales or/and witchcraft, mainly from Northern and possibly Eastern Europe (not based on actual research though, only something evocative for me ;)). At the same time I intend for the people to have a contemporary look (clothes, hair, maybe tattoos :)).

That’s my brief, but if you use the prompts of course you may go in a completely different direction ;) Also, use as many or as few as you’d like!

By the way, there are 15 prompts, although for a calendar I’d need “only” 12, maybe 13 with the cover, but I coudn’t decide which ones not to include 😅️ (I have dropped some from my initial list already though ;)). Maybe I will decide on the go, or make smaller / “spot” illustrations for some of them.

I’m thinking of sharing my illustrations over the course of October / Inktober. Probably not the best time to get visibility, as everyone is so busy participating in art challenges 😅️. But a time that fits with a calender release, I think, so… We’ll see :)

Let’s make some wild magic! ✨️

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