Drawing makeover! The little prince and the fox

I did the initial drawing (digitally, although it looks like colour pencil ;)) while working on my illustrated adaptation of ‘The Little Prince’. In order to advertise the upcoming book at French convention Japan Expo, I handed out this flyer at my stand (the image displays front and back side by side):

I was very optimistic as I only finished the book at the beginning of 2019 😅️ A few copies of the book (French), and some more of the collection of illustrations (German), are still available in my shop, by the way :)

I did the drawing very quickly (the flyer was kind of a last minute idea), but I’ve always found it turned out really nice. I like the dreamy look of the little prince, and the quiet sense of friendship with the fox.

I’ve already re-purposed it for a postcard, and now I want to include it in the mini-calendar I’ve already mentioned. So I had to adapt it into a landscape format. In that form I thought it was a bit too light, lacking a bit of interest. So I added some tone and textures (and a shooting star :)), and changed to a warm colour scheme.

Yesterday I spent much too much time making a short animation (with open source video editing software Kdenlive), wiping back and forth between the old and the new version 😁️ (but it looks just like I wanted 😊️).