New portfolio piece: Girls in a tree

This piece expands on another girl in a tree I painted beginning of last June for #kidlitartpostcard, a hashtag / initiative started by author and illustrator Gina Perry. In the USA it is/was usual for illustrators to regularly send postcards to publishers to advertise their work – this is the digital, online version :)

Here’s the original piece:

I like the idea and the illustration a lot, so I would have liked to use it in the mini-calendar that my illustrator friend Ina Clement and I are preparing, to give away to publishers (and maybe other people ;)) at the Frankfurt Book Fair (and maybe other occasions!). But the illustrations in the calendar will be in landscape format, and I had made the illustration square (for Instagram!), and find it cannot be cropped nicely 😬️ Also, I want to expand my portfolio with digital pieces – and work on my digital illustration skills and style.

So, more girls in a tree 😊️, in landscape format and drawn/painted in Krita! Rather directly inspired from a group of girls on the kindergarten playground I already mentioned in the Instagram post :) – only older, as I would like to illustrate books for older children :) (“middle grade”, as they say in the US, i.e. roughly ages 8-12)

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